General Foot Care Tips

Agree with me or not, most of us give too little value to one of the complex parts of our body, our feet.  A human foot is a body structure with 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments that we rely for walking a thousand of kilometres each year, balance, relaxation, and stability.

Just like all other essential parts of human body, both men and women should keep it a habit to care for their feet at all times. Can you imagine how difficult lives would be without our happy and healthy feet? Our feet deserve special care and attention, keep it clean, fresh, and revitalized at all times.

Here are some basic foot care tips that your feet will surely love, well of course, if you do.

The most basic, wash your feet REGULARLY

This should be a daily routine, especially for those with diseases such as diabetes and other foot disorders. Bathe your feet into a basin with your foot soap; remove those daily dirt and blemishes especially between your toes. Dry them completely. Moreover, regularly cut your toenails to remove those dirt that stick into it and to avoid ingrown.

Wear the Right Shoes.

When we say right, it simply means two things – the shoes fit you very well and wear the right shoe (e.g. basketball shoes for playing basketball and running shoes for running).

Relax Your Feet

Massaging is one great way to relax our feet. At night before heading to bed, massage each foot with some oil to keep it relaxed and make them soft and supple. Foot spa is another thing, pamper your feet by going in a Foot Spa Salon or you can just buy a foot spa massager and do it at home.

Go Barefoot

This only applies if there’s a wide stretch of grass at your home or when you go out with your loved ones at the park or at the beach. Walking on grass or beach sand does not only make you feel great but it also keeps your feet in good condition.


If you’ve been sitting for a long time, get up in a while and stretch, do simple exercise such as moving and wriggling your toes. Walking is the best exercise. It maintains good blood circulation.

Go and see a Podiatrist

When you experience foot pain and you feel that it’s not normal anymore, better go and see a foot care specialist, a Podiatrist. A Podiatrist specializes in any conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and legs. Don’t ignore the pain.

With these basic foot care tips, you’re ready to show off your feet with confidence and you are sure to have happy and healthy feet.