Common Foot Problems

More and more people nowadays are facing from common to more serious foot conditions everyday. It is because people often don’t give too much value and care with their feet. It may sound cliché but sometimes it takes a foot injury or problem for us to give enough attention and care for our feet.

Listed below are common foot problems that we might acquire at some point in our lives. Just always remember, prevention is better than cure.

1.      Fungal and Bacterial Infections. Such as athlete’s foot. It causes the skin to dry, itchy, cracks, and peel. Fungus grows and is attracted to warm and humid areas of the body such as the feet usually between sweaty toes and can spread to toenails if not immediately treated. Fungi can also be acquired from common or shared places like swimming pools.

2.      Hammer Toe. It is the permanent deformation of the toes because of the shortening of the tendons that control toe movements. This is commonly caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit well with your feet. If not treated, may lead to serious cases

3.      Calluses. A pretty common and easy to prevent foot problem. It is the hardened and accumulated dead skin cells that you can see and feel on your foot. It is caused b y the friction of skin surfaces to your shoes and excessive pressure.

4.      Ingrown Toenails. This happens when you don’t cut your nails properly, happen to cut some skin from it and then it will grow into the skin. It may lead to serious swelling, painful inflammation, and infection.

5.       Bunions. It is the enlargement of the side of the joints in your big toe and no longer fit together. It becomes swollen and painful because of the sac fluid filled under the skin. This is also caused by wearing tight shoes.

6.      Achilles Tendonitis. It is basically the irritation and inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon is the tissue that connects the muscles of the lower leg to the heel. It is a common injury in athletes.

7.       Diabetic Foot. One of the most difficult foot problems to deal with is diabetic foot. As the diagnosed patient’s diabetic condition becomes sever, the feet will also deteriorate and can lead to extreme infection and the worst, can even lead to amputation.

And many more! Don’t ignore and give Attention. If it comes to worst, head to the hospital, see a Podiatrist, your foot care specialist.